From the beginning of a roof’s design to its replacement, HTR helps you extend your roof’s usefulness through roof management. The service life of a roof depends greatly on the timely identification of deficiencies from construction, design, workmanship, and normal wear & tear.

By addressing these deficiencies promptly through a consistent maintenance program during a roof’s early and middle years, we can maximize its effectiveness in later years.

“In recognition of the excellent workmanship and commitment to quality demonstrated by your crew, GAF Materials Corporation is proud to present you and your team with the ‘Master 10 Certificate of Quality’ award that is enclosed.”

Helene Hardy Pierce – GAF Materials Corporation

“The Honeywell reresentative has issued their 20 year warranty as a result of your work, and our independent roofing consultant has also approved your work.

Your workmen, particularly your foreman, were attentive to our comments and requests. Your efforts in the clean up, after the roof was installed, were very good and much appreciated”

James B. Rukin – Park Towers Condominiums

“We exhausted all avenues of information regarding roofing materials, procedures, and contractors prior to signing a contract with Hi-Tech Roofing on our oceanfront condominium. We must say that our homework paid off.”

Diane Cunningham – The Condominium Association of Ocean Towers, Inc.

“Your supervision, organization, and highly qualified foreman and workers were instrumental in providing Ocean Towers with a roof we can be proud of and will protect our (oceanfront) building for many years to come.”

Diane Cunningham – The Condominium Association of Ocean Towers, Inc.

“[Hi-Tech Roofing] was faced with a tremendous amount of rain for almost two months…[and] finished within the alloted time. Should we ever need another roof installed, I would not hesitate to call on Hi-Tech Roofing again.”

Ruth Taylor – Number One North Ocean Condominium Association, Inc.

“Lesser [people] would have crushed under the pressure!”

Director of Program management – Palmetto Elementary School

“Some shudder at the simple mention of this project. Twelve seperate buldings, two seperate campuses, occupied buildings…tight timeframe…Thank you very much for having the fortitude to complete this project with us [on time].”

Stephen D. Aks – Catalfumo Construction, Ltd.